Isa Oliveira

Chief of Operations | Optimum Soluções
Isa Oliveira Head Shot

Isa Oliveira

Chief of Operations | Optimum Soluções


Isa Oliveira is a native of Brazil, has a B.Sc. in physics from UFRJ/Brazil and a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Leiden/Netherlands, specializing in the astrochemistry of planet formation based on the analysis of data from Earth and space telescopes. After many years of academic research at the top universities in the US, she shifted her focus and experience to the realities and challenges of the complex world outside academia.

She is now the chief of operations at Optimum Soluções, one of the leading LawTech firms in Brazil. There she manages a team of engineers, programmers and other (former) scientists in using AI tools to enhance the profitability of their clients through a unique data-driven modelling approach to common business problems.

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2018 | IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

8:00 am
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil