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PJP Eye. Ltd. / Laboratory 6

PJP Eye. Ltd. / Laboratory 6

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Headquartered at Kyushu University, in Japan, with offices in the US and UK, PJP Eye. Ltd. is a battery cell manufacturing company with a patented cathode structure utilizing organic cotton materials resulting in faster charging times, no thermal runaway risk, and a lifespan of 8,000+ cycles. The product line of sustainable, environmentally friendly Cambrian batteries are available worldwide.

The Cambrian™ Battery is an organic material-based carbon battery developed by the Japanese manufacturer PJP Eye in collaboration with Kyushu University. With its perfectly balanced performance, reliability, and sustainability at the same time, The Cambrian™ Battery is here to disrupt the industry.

This battery is applied to commercial products by PJP Eye. Ltd., and it gives a company called Laboratory6 to sell the products to the market around the world.

PJP Eye. Ltd. became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at CES 2022.