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Roger Fujii

President of Fujii Systems & 2021 Chair, IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) & 2016 President, IEEE Computer Society

Roger Fujii

President of Fujii Systems & 2021 Chair, IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) & 2016 President, IEEE Computer Society


“Roger Fujii is President of Fujii Systems, Inc providing services in the development of large, trusted systems. He is a 30+ year IEEE volunteer with roles as guest editor (Software), Press Operations Chair and Wiley Book Program chair, conference organizer, standards working group chair (Std 1012), head of USA delegation to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 International Software Engineering, Fellows and Awards committee member, and CS Strategic Plan (SC7) chair.

His leadership roles include IEEE CS President, IEEE Board of Directors (Division VIII, IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB), IEEE-USA, IEEE Foundation, IEEE CS), IEEE CS First Vice President, and IEEE CS Vice President, Standards. Fujii’s recent leadership roles include Chair – TAB Financial Transparency, IEEE President’s Committee on Publication Strategy (Open Access), IEEE Finance Committee (FinCom) New Indirect Allocation Algorithm, and Chair – TAB Shared Service Center Model organizational structure.

He developed the industry standard on the methodology for certifying critical software systems for all US nuclear weapon system software (Minutemen, Peacekeeper, Tomahawk Cruise Missile), radiation therapy devices and NASA manned space missions.

Fujii published papers/books (chapter author), developed international standards, managed conferences, and served in IEEE/Society leadership and special committees. Served as 2016 Computer Society (CS) President, CS 1st Vice President, CS Vice President of Standards Activity Board, and CS Board of Governors. Served as IEEE Division VIII Director to Board of Directors. Lead the US Delegation to ISO/IEC International Software Engineering standards. Chairs IEEE Std 1012, Standard for System, Software and Hardware Verification and Validation. Currently chairs the IEEE Financial Transparency Group analyzing financial transparency issues and concerns.

Previously, he was Vice President/General Manager for Northrop Grumman (Retired) in charge of research-oriented engineering division ($1.086B revenue) developing communication systems for F35/F22 and battlefield networking aircraft systems. His early career role involved the software/systems certification of all US strategic nuclear weapon systems (Minutemen, Peacekeeper, cruise missiles).

He was a Guest Professor at Xiamen University lecturing on nuclear power instrumentation and control systems. Also, lectured at UCLA and California State University, Sacramento on systems engineering concepts/methods.

Fujii is an IEEE Fellow, Golden Core member, Daedalion Award recipient for Systems Excellence in Battlefield Communications, numerous Computer Society awards, and graduate of UC Berkeley (BS/MS EECS) with a thesis on ‘Optimizing Algorithm for Pattern Recognition of Handwritten Characters.’ He has MBA certifications from Harvard, UCLA, and Darden (Virginia). Roger served on the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council – “Oversight of Space Shuttle Flight Software.”