Saravanan Shanmugam

Lead Solution Architect | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Saravanan Shanmugam

Lead Solution Architect | Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Saravanan Shanmugam is a technologist with more than 15 years of experience spanning Solutions Architecture, Consulting, and Business Development and is currently the Lead Solutions Architect for AWS Wavelength. In his current role, he leads the architecture discussions with the customer helping to design and develop edge applications for 5G architecture using AWS Wavelength.

Before AWS, he spent 14 years in Cisco leading the Deployment and Architecture for Service Providers Global Voice over IP roll out in the Cable MSO space. He also led the Virtualization of 4G packet core initiative for Cisco’s customers. Before leaving Cisco, he successfully led the digital transformation of Service Providers to move to the Cloud for OTT Streaming, including Cloud DVR.

He has a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Networking from Wichita State University. He was awarded the most prestigious Chairman’s Club award in Cisco in FY17.

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