Tiziana Tambosso

Tiziana Tambosso | PhD, Consultant, Technical Expert

Tiziana Tambosso

Tiziana Tambosso | PhD, Consultant, Technical Expert


Tiziana Tambosso is a consultant responsible for managing projects and organizing conferences and schools. She is also a Technical Expert for European Commission, H2020-SME Instrument Program, and Horizon Europe (2021 – 2027) Program.

Her main fields of technical interests are: Optoelectronics (photovoltaic systems technologies and design, LED technologies and design, fiber optic sensors, laser and optoelectronics instrumentation) and ICT (wireless sensors networks, Internet of Things, radio over fiber (ROF), and technologies for millimeter waves generation and detection, networks, transmission systems, and fiber optic components).

Tambosso was co-founder of Tambosso and Associates (2006 – 2018) carrying out projects, technical studies, and market analysis for small and medium companies.

She was a Visiting Professor (2013 – 2014) at Da Yeh University, Dacun, Taiwan, teaching master courses on Green Photonics and Laser Instrumentation. She taught short courses, holding lectures and conferences in 2006 – 2012 at Italian and foreign universities.

Tiziana’s roles include Head of Research Group and Project Manager at CSELT-TILAB (1993 – 2005), Head of Fiber Optic Devices Group at SIRTI, R&D (1989 – 1993), Designer of Integrated Circuits at SGS Microelectronics (now ST Microelectronics) (1983 – 1985).

She is the author of about 80 journals and conference papers and holds twelve patents.

From 1993 to 1997, she acted as Secretary and from 1996 to 1997, Vice-Chair of the IEC-SC86B International Standardization Committee.

For IEEE, she has been a volunteer since 1998; serving in different roles among them: IEEE Photonics Society Italy Chapter Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair (2002 – 2012), Italy Section (more than 5000 members) Vice-Chair, Chair (Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2019), and Past-Chair, for the Italy Section: Awards & Recognitions Committee Coordinator, N&A Committee Chair, Chapter Activity Coordinator, Electronic Communication Coordinator, Program Committee Chair, Entrepreneurship Committee Coordinator). For R8, she contributed to the following subcommittees: Chapter Coordination, Action for Industry, Conference, and N&A). For the IEEE Photonics Society Membership Council, she was AVP for Global Strategy. She is a member of the IEEE N&A Committee and IEEE MGA N&A Committee. She acted as TPC Chair, Steering Committee Chair, General Chair, or Co-Chair for many IEEE Conferences: General Co-Chair of RTSI (2017 – 2018) and MELECON (2020 and 2022), to name a few.

Tiziana Tambosso, (M’94, SM’02) received the Laurea Degree with Honors in Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in Optoelectronics from the University of Pavia, Italy, in 1983 and 1988, respectively.