Touch Sensity


Touch Sensity was founded in December 2019 by Anna Pugach and Mehdi El Hafed.

A true innovation in the intelligent materials field, the Sensity Tech technology developed by Touch Sensity makes objects and materials sensitive to physical interactions making all materials sensitive to mechanical physical interactions, such as pressure, traction, deformation, and internal damage, without sensors and in real-time. The entire surface, whether solid, flexible, or even liquid, is used as the measuring instrument.

  • The material surface becomes a sensitive and connected surface
  • Data recover from pressure, extension, deformation, and damage
  • Modeling and location in real-time as a 2D or 3D mapping
  • Interaction intensity characterization suffered by the material
  • Using artificial intelligence to associate data with the environment or to control systems by feedback

Following her research work, the collection of research carried out by Anna Pugach has made her a recognized expert in the field of sensitive and connected interfaces. The findings she continues to present at scientific conferences spark the interest of many industrial players and field experts. Within this dynamic, the project to create the start-up and develop the Sensity Tech technology came to life.

Mehdi’s experience as an entrepreneur and his skills in business development help promote and adapt Pugach’s research work, transforming it into solutions adapted to the needs of major players in the sector.

Touch Sensity became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at Viva Technology 2022.