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Meet re:3D – a Texas-based startup pushing the limits of 3D printing worldwide. Gigabot, our flagship product, is the world’s most affordable large-scale, industrial-grade 3D...
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Drone Hopper

Drone Hopper is a Spanish start-up created to design, manufacture and operate heavy-duty, multi-rotor unmanned drones. We also innovate drone technology to empower and protect communities while filling the...
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Bioseco is a team of IT engineers, optical, radar and computer specialists who work closely with ornithologists, chiropterologists, aviation experts and high security installation specialists...
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Pharem Biotech was founded 2013 in Uppsala, Sweden. The company has since established itself as an innovative and burgeoning company within the fields of water...
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Aevice Health

Aevice Health is a fast-growing medtech startup in Singapore. It designs and develops monitoring devices for respiratory-related diseases, the first of which is targeted at...
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