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Program Details & Participant Application

The IEEE Entrepreneur’s Founder Office Hours Pilot Program seeks to help early and growth stage technology entrepreneurs within the IEEE community succeed in creating technology-driven businesses that impact humanity. The program will connect entrepreneurs to value-add investors and mentors that can provide helpful feedback and potentially help them connect to institutional capital.  

If selected, you’ll receive a 30 minute one on one session with one of the investors or mentors in our group. These sessions will be held over video conference or potentially in person if both individuals are located in the investors home city.

Our network of experienced investor advisers include: 

Our network of experienced mentors will be announced shortly

We are currently accepting applications for the initial pilot cohort of founders who wish to participate in the office hours program. Applicants will be chosen for office hours on a rolling basis.

Founder Office Hour Application

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. I expressly acknowledge that I am knowingly and voluntarily taking part in the IEEE Entrepreneurship Founder Office Hours (the “Program”).

    2. I understand the advice given to me is provided without representation or warranty. Should I choose to use the advice provided to me by a volunteer of the Program I do so of my own discretion.

    3. I release and forever waive any claims I may have against IEEE or the participants in the Program in connection with my participation.

    4. I understand that my relationship to the Program volunteer is that of a volunteer advisor and that no employment, agency or other relationship is created with either the volunteer or IEEE.

    5. I understand that my participation may be governed by additional IEEE policies and procedures including, but not limited to the IEEE Code of Ethics and IEEE Code of Conduct.

    6. To the extent I share information with the Program volunteer I represent that such information does not violate the rights of any third party.

    7. I agree that I may be asked by IEEE to provide feedback on the Program. Should I provide such feedback to IEEE, IEEE will have the right to use this feedback and attribute statements to me, which are expressions of my personal experience and belief, which may be contained in any resulting media. I agree that no portion of the resulting media containing my name, biographical information, quotes, photographs, or recorded interviews needs to be submitted for any approval prior to my participation.

    8. I represent I am able to participate in these activities and that, to the extent it is required, I have obtained the permission of my employer, institution, etc. prior to my participation.

    9. I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understand this document and what it means with respect to my participation. I warrant, represent, and agree that I have the full power and authority to enter into this agreement.

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