Speakers and Judges

Previous Content Leaders at IEEE Entrepreneurship and IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Programs & Events

Portfolio of Speakers and Judges

Adnan Raza

Senior Business Strategy Consultant | Mackenzie Investments

Akhil Sivanandan

Co-Founder | Green Story

Alan Renaudin

2023 Manufacturing Resources Core Team Lead
Director, Business Development, Strategic Partnership and Marketing | C2MI
Alexandre Bess Head Shot

Alexandre Bess

Founder | Sagireo & Founder | Legalbot

Ali Hessami

Director of R&D and Innovation | Vega Systems, London, UK

Ali Tinazli

CCO | Fluxergy
Alicia Varughese Headshot

Alicia Varughese

Executive Associate | Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

Allan Tear

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | Betaspring, 2017 IEEE Entrepreneurship Adhoc Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge, & 2018-2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Alpesh Shah

Senior Director, IEEE Standards Association
Alvin Chen Headshot

Alvin Chen

Co-Founder of VascuLogic

Ammar Yaser

2024 WebMaster Core Team Lead
Founder | Eng Techno
Founder | Wassapy
Senior Software Engineer | Formula RX
Amy Balliett Headshot

Amy Balliett

Co-Founder & CEO of Killer Infographics

Ana Baltodano

Director of Portfolio Success, Founder Institute HQ

Ana Luisa Santos

Co-Founder of MobGeek | 2016 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Andra Keay

2024 Vice Chair - Partnerships (Voting Member) & Deep Tech Core Team Lead
Managing Director | Silicon Valley Robotics

Andrea Matwyshyn

Associate Dean of Innovation, Penn State Law | Professor, Penn State Engineering | Founding Director, Penn State Policy Innovation Lab of Tomorrow (PILOT lab)

Andrea Thomaz

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Diligent Robotics
Andreas Neumeier Headshot

Andreas Neumeier

Employee Number One, Intrapreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Marketeer
Andrew Lowery Head Shot

Andrew D. Lowery

Lead Scientist and Chief Technology Officer | Plasma Igniter, LLC & Founder | IEEE Entrepreneurs Network – Pittsburgh
Andrew Kent Headshot

Andrew Kent

Professor of Physics and Director | Center for Quantum Phenomena at New York University & Founder | Spin-Transfer Technologies

Andy Chen

2024 Member-At-Large (Voting Member) & Asia-Pacific Region Team Lead
Founding General Partner | REDDS Capital

Aneesh Rajeev

Power System Consultant | RINA Consultant

Aneshia Y. Smith

Executive Director | Aneshia Y. Smith Institute for Women and Girls

Angelo Giuliana

General Manager | Meditech Competence Center
Angelos Stavrou Head Shot

Angelos Stavrou

Professor and and the Director of the Center for Assurance Research and Engineering (CARE) | George Mason University

Anthony “Tony” Fadell

iPod inventor, iPhone co-inventor, Nest founder, and principal | Future Shapes

Antonio Caraviello

CEO | Sophia High Tech

Antonio Manzalini

Senior Manager | The Innovation Dept. of Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM)

April Dunford

RocketWatcher Startup Marketing

Arjun R Pillai

Co-founder & CEO | Profoundis

Arun Viswanathan

Specialist IoT Solutions Architect | Amazon Web Services

Ashar Baig

Director, Technology Planning and Strategy at Huawei Technologies
Avery Francis Headshot

Avery Francis

Senior Talent Manger, Rangle.io

Avi Mendelson

Visiting Professor | Technion Israel

Ayanna Howard

Chief Technology Officer at Zyrobotics

Barry Hutt

CEO of Viviota Software Driving Data Innovation

Benno Broer

CEO | Qu & Co

Bill Blackstone

General Manager | Galvanize

Blake Lloyd

Co-Founder, Iris Power

Bobbie Carlton

Founder | Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights & Innovation Women

Bradley Winter

2022 Team Lead - Technology and Manufacturing Resources Core Team, IEEE Entrepreneurship
Founder and CEO | CoolSilicon­® LLC

Brendan F. Klare

Co-Founder & CEO | Rank One Computing

Brian Meece

Co-Founder & CEO of RocketHub

Bruce Hecht

Staff Engineer | Analog Devices
Bruno Meyer Headshot

Bruno Meyer

Manager Business Development | RTE (The French Electric Transmission Operator) & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Caitlin MacGregor

CEO & Co-founder of Plum


Founder & Managing Partner | IoT Turkey & CafePass

Cannon Patel

Founder | Cannon Technology Group LLC

Carl Dukatz

Tech R&D Principal Director, Quantum Systems Integration | Accenture 
Carlee Price Headshot

Carlee Price

Angel Investor and OCFO | Pique Financial Works

Carolina Rojas

Expert Research Fellow | Engineering for Change & 2021 Global Public Entrepreneurial Policy Liaison

Cassandra Carothers

Investor | Upheaval Investments

Cecilia Metra

Deputy President of the School of Engineering, University of Bologna | IEEE Director-Elect/Division V Delegate-Elect 2021
Charles Barry Headshot

Charles Barry

CTO | Jolata
Charles Myers Headshot

Charles Myers

President & CEO | Airgain

Charlotte Craff

Community Liaison | re:3D

Chenyang Xu

Partner | Corporate Innovators Huddle & Corporate Innovators Huddle

Chintan Oza

2024 India Region Team Lead
Founder | Anantam Ecosystems

Clara Neppel

Senior Director | IEEE European Business Operations

Colin Brenan

2024 Healthtech Core Team Lead
Chief Executive Officer | Kibur Medical Inc
Colin Curtin Head Shot

Colin Curtin

Engineering Manager | Human Interest & 2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
conor russomanno

Conor Russomanno

Co-Founder & CEO | OpenBCI
Courtney Powell Headshot

Courtney Powell

President and Owner | AceApplications, LLC
Craig Barratt Headshot

Craig Barratt

Industry Leader | Wireless Technology and Communications

Dalma Novak

Chair | IEEE TAB Diversity and Inclusion Committee & Vice President of Engineering, Octane Wireless
Daniella Piper Headshot

Daniella Piper

Acting Chief of Staff to the President and CEO and Vice President of the Digital Transformation Office | (NYPA)

David Cezon

Founding Partner & COO | I’m Ok

David Goldstein

Lead Director | IEEE

David Mitlyng

CEO | Xairos

David Smith

Business Leader, Futurist, Keynote Speaker & Wicked Problem Solver

Dejan S. Milojicic

Distinguished Technologist | Hewlett Packard (HP) Labs
Derek Newton Headshot

Derek Newton

Assistant Vice-President, Innovation, Partnerships and Entrepreneurship at University of Toronto

Devon Ryan

Founder of LION Mobile and IEEE-USA Board Young Professionals Representative
Dillan DiGiovanni Headshot

Dillan DiGiovanni

Integrative Health Coach, Speaker, and Writer

Domenico De Luca

Founder | Tolemaica & Founder, CEO, and Project Manager, Cyber Management

Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Elected Director | International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Dorin Panescu Head Shot

Dorin Panescu

Chief Technical Officer and Vice-President Research and Development | Axon Therapies, Inc.

Dr. Crystal Mogensen

CEO | The Maa Trust

Dr. Joe Fitzsimons

Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Horizon Quantum Computing

Dr. Kush Agarwal

Founder & CEO | WaveScan Technologies, 2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Dr. Maria Rosaria Laura Plutino

Co-Founder , President, & Scientific Manager | ATHENA Green Solutions S.r.l.

Dr. Yonatan Cohen

CTO and Co-Founder | Quantum Machines
Drew Taylor headshot

Drew Taylor

CEO | AstroPrint

Eddie Custovic

Director La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry (LIEF) | Founder – IEEE Innovation Nation

Elena Iosef

Associate Lawyer at Dipchand LLP

Emilio Sepulveda

Co-Founder & CEO at Natural Machines

Emily Klein

Director of Venture Development | Venture Partners at CU Boulder

Enrico Ragaini

R&D Senior Principal Engineer | ABB & Lecturer at Politecnico di Milano

Eric Kessler

Amazon Braket Senior Product Manager, Science | Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Eric Tobias Headshot

Eric Tobias

Eric Trabold Headshot

Eric Trabold

Chief Executive Officer | Nexkey, Inc.

Erico Guizzo

Senior Editor | IEEE Spectrum

Evan Ackerman

Senior Editor | IEEE Spectrum

Ezabo Baron

Co-founder | Woxsan City project
Farooq Khan Headshot

Farooq Khan


Fawzi Behmann

Chairman, IEEE Communications & Signal Processing Combined Chapter at IEEE

Fiammetta Panto

Startup Assistance Manager | ARCA Consortium & Coordinator, Sicily RIS EIT Health Hub

Filippo Ammirati

Innovation & Development Direction Officer | ENEA

Flavia Dinca

Department of Computer and Systems Sciences | Stockholm University & 2021 Affinity Groups: WiE & YPs Liaison

Flavio Farroni

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | Betaspring
Flavio Pereira Head Shot

Flavio Pereira

op Management Executive and Entrepreneur

Franco Tecchia Ph.D.

Founder & CTO | VRMedia S.r.l.
Ganesh Subramani Headshot

Ganesh Subramanian

Mentor and Chief of Operations | Team Dronix & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Gary Fogel Head Shot

Gary Fogel

Chief Executive Officer | Natural Selection, Inc.

Gena Lindsay-Bourne

2023 Women Entrepreneurs Core Team Co-Lead
Principal | Neuvation Ventures

George Moncrief

Innovation Program Manager | AFWERX

Georges Bitar

Founder | Live Love Recycle
Headshot of Gerry Roston

Gerry Roston

CEO of Civionics

Gitte Pedersen

CEO & Co-founder | Genomic Expression

Giulia Zanotti

Senior Business Analyst | Invitalia - Italian Development Agency

Glenn Zorpette

Executive Editor | IEEE Spectrum Magazine

Graham Fuller

Senior Relationship Manager, Mercer Consumer’s Professional Occupations Practice
Greg Horowitt Headshot

Greg Horowitt

Co-Founder | T2 Venture Capital

H.-S. Philip Wong

Willard R. and Inez Kerr Bell Professor in the School of Engineering | Stanford University
Hahna Alexander Head Shot

Hahna Alexander

CEO and Co-Founder | SolePower
Hall Martin Headshot

Hall T. Martin

Founder and CEO of the Texas Entrepreneur Network
Han Jin Headshot

Han Jin

Co-Founder and CEO | Lucid

Hardik Jain

Co-Founder & CTO | GenXComm Inc.

Haris Arnautovic

Project Manager | Bicom Systems

Haris Selmanovic

IT Project Manager | Bicom Systems
Harun Ferizović Head Shot

Harun Ferizović

Co-founder | VVSSL & Student, Researcher in New Technologies

Haymon Sinapius

Investment Manager | Bernhard Schulte INNOPORT

Helen Little

Mechanical Engineer | re:3D
Helge Seetzen Headshot

Helge Seetzen

CEO of TandemLaunch

Henrik I. Christensen

Qualcomm Chancellor's Chair | Robot Systems

Herbert Lwanga

Co-Founder | Log`el Science Foundation
Hiba Latifee Headshot

Hiba Latifee

Research Assistant | Korea University of Technology and Education's BioRobotics Lab & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership & IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge

Hugo Plácido da Silva

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer | PLUX – Wireless Biosignals, S.A.

Ian Aaron

CEO | Ubicquia LLC

Ifeanyi B. Orajaka

Founder & CEO | GVE Projects Limited
Isa Oliveira Head Shot

Isa Oliveira

Chief of Operations | SulAmerica

Ishkandar Baharin

2024 Southeast Asia Region Team Lead
President | Malaysia Robotics Network

J Provine

Co-Founder & CEO | Aligned Carbon

James Slifierz

Co-Founder, SkyWatch Space Applications

Jan Goetz

CEO & Co-Founder | IQM Quantum Computers

Janati Nakimera

CEO | Solar Net metering Uganda & 2021 Vice-Chair - Programs & 2019-2020 Social Impact Liaison

Jayantika Soni

CTO & Co-Founder | Resync Technologies
Jeric Bautista Headshot

Jeric Bautista

Product Engineer | re:3D

Jerry Chow

Senior Manager, Experimental Quantum Computing | IBM Quantum
Jessica Winchester Headshot

Jessica F. Winchester

Associate at Bookoff McAndrews PLLC

Jim Jefferies

2015 President of IEEE-USA

Joanne Wong

2022-2024 Chair (Voting Member)
General Partner | REDDS Capital

John Cyrus

Senior IT Executive and Corporate Portfolio Manager | USPTO & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

John Martin Taboada

Founder of Taboada Research Instruments, Inc. and Jonanni’s Just Yogurt

John Matogo

Global University Programs Leader | International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Africa

John Pavon

President and Founder | Pavon Manufacturing Group

José M. F. Moura

José M. F. Moura | 2019 President and CEO of IEEE
Roberto de Marca headshot

José Roberto de Marca

Full Member | National Council of Science and Technology-CCT (Brazil) and 2016 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Joseph Geraci

Founder | Netramark
Joseph Pinkerton Headshot

Joseph Pinkerton

Founder-CEO Clean Energy Labs

Joseph Wei

2022 Vice-Chair - Partnerships, IEEE Entrepreneurship
Founder and Managing Director | Technology Ventures Group (TVG), LLC
Joshua Windmiller Headshot

Joshua Windmiller

CTO, Co-Founder | Biolinq, Inc.
Joy Laskar Headshot

Joy Laskar

Co-Founder and CTO/SVP | Maja Systems

Joydeep Sarkar

Chief Analytics Officer | Holmusk
Judith M Williams Headshot

Judith M. Williams

Founder | Magic Deer Consulting & former Global Head of Diversity | Dropbox

Kamal Hassan

Founder and CEO of IncMind; Director of Founder Institute Toronto

Kartik Kulkarni

Manager | Database Transactions at Oracle & Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee & 2021 Social Impact Liaison

Kate Havey

Senior Licensing Manager | Venture Partners at CU Boulder

Kathy Grise

Senior Program Director | IEEE Future Directions

Keegan Lensink

Research Scientist | Xtract AI
Kelly Hoey Headshot

Kelly Hoey

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & Author | Build Your Dream Network

Ken Stauffer

2022-2024 Immediate Past Chair (Voting Member)
Serial Entrepreneur

Kenneth M Bintu

Founder | Light Comp Tech Ltd

Kevin Koym

Founder and CEO | Tech Ranch
Kevin Noertker Headshot

Kevin Noertker

Co-Founder and CEO | Ampaire
Kim Hunter Headshot

Kim Hunter

VP, Communications & Engagement | Aclima
Krenar Komoni Headshot

Krenar Komoni

Founder and CEO | Tive
Kurt Peterson Headshot

Kurt Peterson, Phd

President | KP - MEMS
Laine Powell Headshot

Laine Powell

Founder & Executive Director | Tech Sassy Girlz

Larissa Abi Nakhle

2024 Social Media Core Team Lead
Co-Founder and COO | ZAKA

Lavanya Sayam

Product Development Manager | IEEE

Lee Stogner

Chair | IEEE Internet of Things Initiative & IEEE Digital Transformation Working Group, P202

Leesa Soulodre

General Partner | R3i Ventures
Leo Hwa Chiang Head Shot

Leo Hwa Chiang

Director of Singapore Operations | IEEE
Leslie Martinich Headshot

Leslie Martinich

Founder and President of Competitive Focus,

Lidia Pieri

CEO | Sibylla Biotech S.R.L.

Lorraine Bassett

WWPS Principal Technical BD Leader | Amazon Web Services IoT

Lucia Pallottino

Associate Professor | Centro di Ricerca "E. Piaggio" & the University of Pisa

Lynette Kucsma

Co-Founder & CMO at Natural Machines | 2016 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Maha Sallam

President | VuEssence, Inc.
Mahbubul Alam Headshot

Mahbubul Alam

CTO/CMO | Movimento

Malika Khodja

Co-Founder & Director | Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies 

Maria Clara Magalhães

2022 Team Co-Lead - Women Entrepreneurs Core Team, IEEE Entrepreneurship
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Be.Labs

Maria Mokhnatkina

Engineering Leader & Entrepreneur
Mario Milicevic Headshot

Mario Milicevic

Communication Systems Engineer | MaxLinear & 2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Mario Rapaccini

Entrepreneurship Education | University of Florence

Marios Antoniou

Head Interconnection and Mobile Services National Wholesale Market | CYTA & 2021 Global Public Entrepreneurial Policy Liaison

Mark A. Vasquez

TechEthics Program Manager | IEEE
Mark Papermaster Head Shot

Mark Papermaster

CTO and Senior Vice President | Technology and Engineering at AMD

Mark Stephen Meadows

Founder & CEO | Botanic Technologies

Mark Wingate

Chairman of the Board, Maxi Volt Corporation

Marylin Ma

Communitech Rev Accelerator

Matt Glazer

Executive Director for the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce
Matt Fiedler Headshot

Matthew Fiedler

Co-Founder & CTO | re:3D

Mauro Togneri

Mauro Togneri, Consultant

Melissa Marshall

Scientific Presentations Expert

Mellie Price

Executive Director of Technology Innovation at the Dell Medical School

Mercy Kyomugasho Kainobwisho

Director of Intellectual Property | High Court of Uganda
Meredith Perry Headshot

Meredith Perry

Founder and CEO | uBeam

Meshell Baker

Founder/Owner of Meshell Baker Enterprises

Michael A. Oblon

Partner | JONES DAY® - One Firm Worldwide℠

Michael Hyatt

Dragon on CBC's Next Gen Den

Michael Katchen

Founder and CEO of Wealthsimple

Mikhail Dyakonov

Professor Emeritus | University of Montpellier and Ioffe Institute, Saint Petersburg

Mitchell Hsing

Co-Founder & CEO | Inchfab

Mohamed El Dallal

2024 Vice Chair - Programs (Voting Member)
Co-Founder and CEO | Innovideas LLC.

Mohammad Asad Rehman Chaudhry

Executive Director, Soptimizer

Mohammad Zidan

CEO and Co-Founder | Easimple-3D & Founder Doctor
Muhammad Bilal Javed headshot

Muhammad Bilal Javed

Founder | SchoolX, Liaison & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Nadim Choucair

Founder | Cabinet Collective

Nicholas McQuire

SVP/Head of Enterprise Research | CCS Insight
Nicole Toomey Davis Headshot

Nicole Toomey Davis

President, CEO, Co-Founder | Enclavix, LLC & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Nima Kazerooni Headshot

Nima Kazerooni

Serial Entrepreneur

Nishita Deka

Co-Founder & CEO | Sonera Magnetics
Nivas Ravichandran Headshot

Nivas Ravichandran

Product Marketer for the CRM Software Freshsales | Freshworks & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Oleg Logvinov

Director of Special Assignments in STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division

Omar Zahr

2024 Tech Transfer Core Team Lead
Director of Technology | TandemLaunch Inc.

Oswin (Ozzie) Moore

Vice-Chair | Vaughn College Board of Trustees & Retired President & CEO (and Current Technical Advisor), AvPORTS

Paolo Bonato

Dept. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Harvard Medical School at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital & Editor-in-Chief | IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Paolo Emilio Barbano

Senior Data Scientist | AWS Worldwide Public Sector

Paras Loomba 

Founder | Global Himalayan Expedition 
Image Coming Soon

Pascal Nsame

2017 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Pavel Lougovski

Principal Quantum Solutions Architect | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Per Juul Nielsen

CEO | UVD Robots ApS, Part of Blue Ocean Robotics
Peter Haas Headshot

Peter Haas

Associate Director | Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative and 2017 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Peter Shankman

CEO. Angel Investor. Entrepreneur. | 2016 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Pramod Abichandani

Founder of LocoRobo Inc.

Prashant Matta

Associate at OMERS Ventures

Professor Low Teck Seng

Chief Executive Officer | National Research Foundation Singapore

Rachel Zimmer & Bram Warshafsky

Co-Founders at 5Crowd

Rafael Sotelo

Co-Founder | Quantum-South
Director ICT Department | Universidad de Montevideo

Raj Kadiyala

AI/ML Tech Business Development Manager | AWS WWPS Partner Organization
Rajnish Gupta Head Shot

Rajnish Gupta

Deputy Principal | Singapore Power
Rakesh Kumar Headshot

Rakesh Kumar

President and CEO | TCX Technology Connexions, Active IEEE Volunteer, 2016 IEEE Entrepreneurship Vice Chair and 2017 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large

Ramphis Castro

Co-Founder of ScienceVest and Impact Science Angels

Ramune Nagisetty

Sr Principal Engineer, Director of Process-Product Integration | Intel

Rana Mahmoud

2024 Graphic Design Core Team Lead
Art Director and Founder | Ropupa
Senior Graphic Designer | Innovideas, LLC.

Randi Sumner

Senior Director, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | IEEE Staff

Rani Yadav-Ranjan

Founder and Chief Executive of 4PIA, Inc. (People In Action)

Rawan El Jamal

2024 Member-At-Large (Voting Member) & Africa, Europe Middle East Region Team Lead & IEEE Entrepreneurship Awards Team Lead
Consultant | Boston Consulting Group

Rebecca Krauthamer

Founder and Chief Product Officer | QuSecure & Founder and CEO Quantum Thought

Rebecca Todd

Innovation Specialist | Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center

Rex Tan

CTO | Aevice Health Pte Ltd

Richard A. Roehrl

Senior Economic Affairs Officer | United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Richard Hulskes

Co-Founder | Wevolver

Richard Moulds

GM of Amazon Braket | Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Robert Oakley

R&D at re:3D Inc
Robert Reynolds Headshot

Robert Reynolds

CEO | Solis Energy, Inc. & 2020 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Roberta Albanese

Business / Startup Consultant | Freelance
Roberto Lotufo Head Shot

Roberto A. Lotufo

CTO and Co-Founder | NeuralMind

Roberto Della Marina

Founder & Managing Partner | Venture Factory

Roberto Saracco

Co Chair at IEEE | FDC Digital Reality Initiative

Rodaina Fayad

2024 Social Media Coordination Core Team Lead
Database Developer | United Nations World Food Programme
Roderick Chia Head Shot

Roderick Chia

Chairman | rodVENTURE

Roger Fujii

President of Fujii Systems & 2021 Chair, IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) & 2016 President, IEEE Computer Society

Ross Spencer Garsson

Member at Dickinson Wright PLLC
Ryan Cousins Headshot

Ryan Cousins

Co-Founder and CEO | krtkl inc

Ryan Gariepy

CTO of Clearpath Robotics

Ryan Lund

with Ruth Wolfish of IEEE Client Services
Ryan Rogowski Head Shot

Ryan Rogowski

Co-Founder and CEO | Waygo

Salma Baghdadi

Startup Ecosystem manager | Smart Capital

Sam Moore

Senior Editor | IEEE Spectrum

Saman Halgamuge

Professor | The University of Melbourne

Samantha O’Riordan

Program Officer | International Telecommunication Union

Samantha Snabes

Co-Founder and Catalyst | re:3D & 2020-2021 Immediate Past Chair & 2018-2019 Chair & IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge

Samar Hamdy

2024 Women Entrepreneurs Core Team Lead
Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer | DevisionX
Sanna Gaspard head Shot

Sanna Gaspard

CEO | Rubitection
Sara Rehman headshot

Sara Rehman

Co-Founder of Agora Technologies

Saravanan Shanmugam

Lead Solution Architect | Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Sasha Hoffman Headshot

Sasha Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer | Piaggio Fast Forward and 2017 IEEE Entrepreneurship Member-At-Large and IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge

Savi Venkatachalapathy

GTM-BD Specialist - Wavelength | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Scott Francis

IoT Partner Solutions Architect | Amazon Web Services

Scott Stirrett

Executive Director and Founder of Venture for Canada
Sergio Alonso Fernández de Córdova Headshot

Sergio Alonso Fernández de Córdova

Chairman and Co-Founder| PVBLIC Foundation

Shane Owens

CEO | Technology Assurance Labs

Sharon Devivo

President | Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology & 2021 Affinity Groups: WiE Liaison

Shraddha Chaplot

Greengineer and Machinegineer, Cisco
Silmija Ferizović Topoljak Head Shot

Silmija Ferizović Topoljak

Founder | VVSSL & Mechanical Engineer, Professor, Researcher in New Technologies

Silu Modi

Director | Innovation Partnerships, Technology & Innovation Group at RBC

Silvia Civardi

CEO | Fresenius Medical Care Italia S.p.A.

Simay Akar

2022 Vice-Chair - Products, IEEE Entrepreneurship
Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder | Innoses

Sonia Bergamaschi

Vice-President, Director of the Scientific Board, co-founder | DataRiver

Stefan Cap

Head of US Government Partnerships | Riverlane

Stefan Palios

Founder of Ziversity

Stephen Ibaraki

Chair and General Partner | REDDS Capital

Steve Welby

Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Subodha Charles

Researcher, Serial Entrepreneur | 2021 Member at Large & 2019-2020 Vice-Chair - Awards/Education

Sudeendra Koushik

2022 Member at Large, IEEE Entrepreneurship
Innovation Director and Head of CampX Bangalore | Volvo Group

Surbhi Singh

CEO & Co-Founder | FireVisor Systems

Surya Raghu Ph.D.

Founder & President | Advanced Fluidics, LLC & 2021 Vice-Chair - Products
Susan K. (Kathy) Land Headshot

Susan K. (Kathy) Land

Program Manager | Missile Defense Agency, 2020 IEEE President-Elect, 2020-2022 IEEE Entrepreneurship Board of Directors Liaison & 2018-2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Susana Lau

2024 Vice Chair - Products (Voting Member) & Latin America Region Team Lead
Founder | EtyaLab
Co-Founder | Fundación CREEA

Ted Chen

Co-founder and CEO | Evercomm Singapore & 2021 Global Public Entrepreneurial Policy Liaison

Ted Lehr

Data Architect and Computer Science Lecturer