IEEE Foundation

2020 | Youth STE[A]M Showcase & Celebration [Minnesota STEM Partnership]

5:30 amPM-11:30 amPM
415 Pascal Street North

2020 | Youth STE[A]M Showcase & Celebration [Minnesota STEM Partnership]

2020 27 February
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Minnesota STEM Partnership has organized a networking event catered to those that want to meet the future of STEM. This event will give attendees the opportunity to speak with young innovators and potential entrepreneurs that have brought their work and knowledge to showcase at the celebration. At IEEE we believe that the future of entrepreneurship and innovation lies within the minds of our young students and encourage forming connections with the youth to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs.

This event is not a “traditional” banquet to recognize and celebrate the incredible success of our youth programs but an active and engaging networking opportunity with an agenda that caters to rising innovators, students, and businesses alike. The event allows for informal networking with professionals, collegiates, sponsors, and youth but will also give attendees the chance to fly a drone, talk to a future roboticist, and meet the future innovators in STEM!

Connect with the students that are YOUR future technology, engineering, arts, science and mathematics (STEAM) future education and workforce pipeline! The Minnesota STEM Partnership has invited an abundance of college intern ready hires and an interview room available for VIP corporate & business guests to use.

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