Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket (An Idea, A Company)

8:00 am
Koç University, Turkey

Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket (An Idea, A Company)

The IEEE Koç University Student Branch will organise the third Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket (An Idea A Company) on 1-2 April 2017 with the aim of spreading the entrepreneurship spirit amongst university students.

Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket is a multi-dimensional event that introduces the entrepreneurship world from different point of views, providing the opportunity for new ideas to come to life. The event will consist of two parts: Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket Competition and Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket Festival. In the competition the ideas of the contestants who are willing to step into the world of entrepreneurship are evaluated. In the Festival there will be speakers along with simultaneous workshops and a start-up fair.

Last year there were 300 attendants and this year we are aiming for 400. Taking place in the Koç University Rumelifeneri Campus, our goal is to expand the limits of our event making it a tradition.

Unlike the previous years, this year’s Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket will take two full days with simultaneous interactive workshops and these workshops will act as complementary with each other.

In the fair area, startups will set up their stands and they will aim to reach greater audience to share their experience. Our guests from around the world will share their experiences on the dates of the festival.

The competition will start to proceed long before the event date. After the receival of the applications and the eliminations, the contestants that get chosen will go through training and receive mentorship. In the first day of the festival the preliminaries will take place. In the second day of the festival there will be the finals. With these various aspects of entrepreneurship, Bi’ Fikir Bi’ Şirket offers you a “entrepreneurship festival” for two full days.

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