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Entrepreneur Workshops – Logical & Critical Thinking

08.30 p.m

Entrepreneur Workshops – Logical & Critical Thinking

IEEE Entrepreneurs Network Turkey has started a workshop series which aim to empower entrepreneurs on several soft skills and technical vision topics. The first workshop ” Logical & Critical Thinking ” held by  Suheyl Arslan on 17 September 2020 virtually and it was an internal workshop for the Network.

Logical & Critical Thinking workshop was a study to make people who are expected to make decision in crisis moments, aware of how biases and fallacies affect our decisions under difficult conditions. Participants are asked for several interactive tests and case studies such as ” speeding & time-saving bias test “, ” framing effect health officer case”. Furthermore, at the end of workshop, some useful documents are shared with participants. In addition, Workshop topics are listed below:

  • What is Critical & Logical Thinking ?
  • Corfirmation Bias
  • Heuristics
  • Framing Effect
  • Common Fallacies