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Scaling Your Culture With People

Avery Francis Headshot
9:30 am - 10:40 am
C3, MaRS Centre

Scaling Your Culture With People

When you’re growing quickly, you need to hire a lot of high quality people in a short period of time; they also have to gel with your corporate culture and take it, and your innovative capabilities, to the next level.

EntrepreneurshipSQ_150x139There has been a lot of conversation lately around inclusive hiring practices, and with good reason! There are numerous studies that diversity in backgrounds, culture, opinions and even though patters helps spark a more creative and innovative atmosphere. But the challenge remains that companies have to find the best people and create a culture where all top employees can thrive.

In this session will include real-world start-up lessons and tools used to ensure hiring processes and an engaged employee culture. Topics will include:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Interviewing and Hiring
  3. On-boarding and Early Management
  4. Performance Management and Promotions
  5. Off-boarding