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VoxCell BioInnovation Inc.

Innova Space

Innova Space designs and develops PicoSatellites to democratize access to IoT satellite communications. The startup provides satellites, monitoring applications, and platforms; the impact is revolutionizing...
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Think:AI is an innovative leader in technology, generative artificial intelligence (AI), and cutting-edge product development. The startup company, located in Brazil, develops products related to...
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NeuroHelp develops creative neurotechnology for improving the health and quality of life of individuals with neurological conditions. While the present focus is epilepsy, the vision...
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EVQLV, Inc. develops artificial intelligence, engineered with life science data and biological knowledge, to accelerate the speed at which biological therapies reach patients. The biotechnology...
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AlaSoluciones S.R.L

AlaSoluciones S.R.L develops drones and technological solutions based on IoT, specializing in remote sensing stations and unmanned vehicles. The company developed a drone that imitates the...
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Integrating elegant design with artificial intelligence, Konpanion pioneers a unique direction for domestic robotics and creates an entirely new species of alternative pets. Konpanion became...
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