Michael A. Oblon


It all starts with a family story… Coming from olive grower grandfathers, Marion and Solena, founders of Cearitis, were closely confronted with the problem of...
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BTE INC. researches and develops hydrogen fuel cells, refuelers, and vehicles. BTE INC. specializes in hydrogen refuellers for small mobility. They are powered by hydrogen...
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Founded in 2021, Héole is developing a technology of electric generators in fabrics and membranes based on organic photovoltaic cells: OPVs. Thanks to this new...
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MAA’VA™ is developing a proprietary sustainable carbon negative construction material, turning plastic and nonplastic waste into eco-material, advancing solutions to climate change crisis, waste crisis,...
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Find A Nurse

Find A Nurse connects you with highly skilled maternity nurses and newborn care professionals that offer home-based maternity services. Our mission is to give you...
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