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Acwa Robotics


Acwa Robotics provides robotic solutions to help water utilities across the world map out and assess the conditions of their water supply network. The revolutionary autonomous robot solutions travel long distances in-line without disrupting water distribution and collect data, including visual defects, residual thickness, corrosion zones, and leaks, to help water utilities decide when and where to renew/repair or rehabilitate at-risk sections of the network.

Acwa Robotics is a project born from the observations of a critical situation within the world of water and our aspiration to create a break from this state of affairs.

Created in 2018, the company quickly won over future customers, including major players in the distribution of water in France, who now support the company’s development and experimentation of its robots.

Double winner of the Ilab 2019 innovation competition and Inov (Ademe PIA 3 innovation competition) 2020, Acwa now has 12 people in its team, divided between the Aix en Provence site and that of Bastia, and who work on the development of its new prototypes and its first industrial model.

Acwa Robotics became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at Viva Technology 2022.