Alexandre Bess

Founder | Sagireo & Founder | Legalbot
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Alexandre Bess

Founder | Sagireo & Founder | Legalbot


Alexandre Bess is an entrepreneur and professor in applied modeling and artificial intelligence

He is an engineer graduated at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and received his master’s degree in mathematical modeling applied in finance at the  University of São Paulo (USP).

He is the founder of Sagire – a specialized modeling consulting boutique and co-founder of Legalbot | Regulatory Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence, a digital platform that supports companies in compliance matters.

He previously worked at a Brazilian international consulting company and at banks managing and developing projects in mathematical modeling, analytics, risk management, designing and implementing corporative structures, strategy, regulatory projects most part or them from quantitative view in Brazil, America, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

His main research interests are applied modeling, data science, machine learning, taxonomy and data products. In Brazil, Alexandre is a professor in courses of FGV, FIA, IBMEC, HSM and Sustentare in themes such as modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, risk management, banking regulation and capital management.

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2018 | IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

8:00 am
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil