It all starts with a family story…

Coming from olive grower grandfathers, Marion and Solena, founders of Cearitis, were closely confronted with the problem of the olive fly. Fighting against agricultural pests is not only a family challenge but is also global. Both now want to use their skills in biotechnology and sustainable trade to fight against these pests and try to reduce their economic impact.

…to arrive at a concrete solution…

Cearitis offers a natural alternative to insecticides to protect arboriculture from bioaggressors, and in particular, against Diptera. Their innovative biocontrol system uses attractive and repellent chemical mediators. They identify and stabilize them to integrate them into a push-pull mechanism in the field. This system is available and adaptable to any type of crop.

…against targeted pests…

The company’s genesis is that Cearitis’ technology was first applied to olive growing to protect olive groves in France and around the world from the olive fly, Bactrocera oleae. By 2023, they will target other Diptera pests such as the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the Red Fruit Fly, or the Oriental Fruit Fly.

…with the aim of protecting your crops.

Solena and Marion sincerely believe in sustainable agriculture and in their technology which reconciles efficiency, yield, respect for the environment and the consumer. In a current context disrupted by changes in consumption patterns, promoting French agriculture and non-toxic phytosanitary protection has become a priority.

Cearitis became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at CES 2022.