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Cygni believes in a better way to power homes and businesses at a lower cost while contributing to a cleaner planet. We also believe solar power can actually cost less than we pay now resulting in significant savings!

CYGNI’s Inverterless Solar-DC solution offers an economical and affordable solution for off-grid/ near off-grid homes (homes with large power-cuts), and is also useful for grid-connected homes in saving power-bills as well as providing back-up power. This is achieved by Solar-DC INVERTERLESS technology, developed in collaboration with IIT Madras.

Solar-DC Inverterless is an innovative technology that provides 48V DC to power DC appliances. With the growing emphasis on energy conservation throughout the world and with more DC appliances now becoming available, most homes in the world will gradually move to DC power. This is India’s opportunity to lead this “Go-DC” revolution.