Drew Taylor

CEO | AstroPrint
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Drew Taylor

CEO | AstroPrint


Drew Taylor is the CEO of AstroPrint. Drew’s love of technology started with coding in BASIC on his RadioShack TRS 80 and has culminated in becoming the CEO and founder of AstroPrint, the IoT platform for the 3D printing industry. Along the way, he also worked in sports medicine, practiced alternative medicine, and did aide work in medically underserved areas of the U.S. and Asia.

AstroPrint is an IoT platform for the 3D Printing vertical, often called the “Android of the 3D Printing Industry.” The AstroPrint software platform is the world’s largest ecosystem of 3D Printing content and applications, and is compatible with 80% of 3D Printers on the market. This positions AstroPrint as the default platform for 3rd party content development and distribution for the entire 3DP market.

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2018 | IEEE Technology Time Machine

8:00 am
San Diego, California, USA