InnovaSpace Ltd


InnovaSpace Ltd is bringing space to research communities around the world via small satellite access, education, professional working groups and outreach, with a focus initially on Latin America. Innova Space focuses on how the community can use space technology for scientific research advances.

SPACE WITHOUT BORDERS – This is the philosophy driving InnovaSpace.

InnovaSpace is a Think Tank company that facilitates the creation of a globally inclusive and diverse network of entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers linked by the common theme of the human presence in space and other extreme environments. InnovaSpace goals are to promote and conduct technological and scientific research and development, education and outreach initiatives, and innovative and entrepreneurial projects to further advance and disseminate the creation of new knowledge for the benefit of humankind, both in space and on Earth. The focus of InnovaSpace actions and initiatives is broad, considering work, collaboration and partnership with governments, industry, academia and the general public, for we are all stakeholders in the future of space exploration.

InnovaSpace Ltd became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at Hello Tomorrow 2023.