Mission Space


Mission Space is developing the first private satellite-based space weather nowcast and forecast system to help satellite operators solve the problem of data deficit and lack of warning tools to mitigate the effects of geomagnetic storms and coronal mass ejections.

The company launches instruments to orbit and grants access to its cloud decision support tool to mitigate the effects of solar storms.

  • A global, real-time, data-driven predictive space weather system designed for use as a decision support tool to detect and predict space weather events risks.
  • With their space weather intelligence system, you can quantify your business assets’ exposure to solar storms.
  • With their instruments on LEO and advanced models on the ground, they redefine monitoring of the space environment and provide a new level of space weather intelligence (Refers to the variable conditions on the sun and in space in the form of geomagnetic storms, coronal mass ejections, solar radiation, solar plasma, galactic cosmic rays, etc.)
  • With their advanced models on the ground and a cloud platform with API integration capabilities available for the customers, they also build their hardware and launch propriety sensors to the Low Earth Orbit.
  • Their proprietary network of innovative detectors and dedicated analytics form the infrastructure, capable of proving unique space weather services on-demand.
Mission Space became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at Viva Technology 2022.