Nima Kazerooni

Serial Entrepreneur
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Nima Kazerooni

Serial Entrepreneur


Nima Kazerooni is an entrepreneur focused on tech startups, social enterprises, venture capital & impact investing. He’s a specialist in strategy, early stage venture creation & valuation as well as the design of innovation ecosystems & frontiers.

Born in Iran, raised in Canada (attended UWO to study computer science, economics & pre-medicine), Nima has been living in Brazil now for the past 5 years on a mission to help find, fund & launch startups made in Brazil for the world helping build & strengthen the startup ecosystem while investing in the exponential growth that the nation is poised to display over the near future.

Cofounder of @ImpactonomyLabs, @OceanExchange, @GreenEnergyOntario & @OpenBrazil acting as founder or early collaborator in several other technology companies & social movements. Was a management consultant @GreeyEnWaste (M&A & turnarounds in energy & waste management), @ThePropertyCollective (real-estate management projects in the public & private sectors) & @BlueWaterFinancial (insurance & mutual funds brokerage plus wealth management), among others.

Lead ambassador @SeasteadingInstitute (proponent of public policies & technologies for the development of autonomous city-states), advisor @BlueFrontiers (developing 1st commercial Seastead) & served as elected member of the board of directors at Canadian NGOs including @InnovationInitiativeCo-op (world’s first co-operative incubator for inventors) & @TrilliumEnergyAlliance (community power developer).

Nima is the executive director @FounderInstitute helping grow the Brazilian market which today counts 10+ chapters led by a team of 25+ directors & associates with the support of 400+ mentors in the national network. The Founder Institute, based in Silicon Valley, is the world’s largest idea stage accelerator & startup launch program with chapters in over 170 cities having helped over 3000 entrepreneurs launch startups around the world which together are worth over US$20B. In Brazil, over 90 founders have graduated from the challenging & elimination-based program since our launch in 2015. The institute’s mission is to globalize Silicon Valley helping startups launched around the world to create 1 million jobs, of which 100k we hope will be created in Brazil.

He’s also the cofounder @JUPTER Brazil’s newest multi-accelerator hub, R&D center & incubator, a platform that looks to help optimize the process of Finding, Funding & Launching successful technologies made in Brazil for the world. JUPTER is in search of the algorithms that make up the protocol that governs the Startup Development Lifecycle.

“We are Founders who Find Founders who Fund Founders who Launch Startups that create the Future!”