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Demystifying Diversity

Diversity is relevant to all, and it is a hot topic these days. This conversation will explore and demystify how diversity allows for better ideas, more productivity, more open discussions throughout various facets of daily life, and how this impacts technology startups and entrepreneurs.

The goal of the Demystifying Series is to provide real-world knowledge and advice from those who have both knowledge and experience on the topic. Each conversation aims to offer valuable insight to entrepreneurial start-ups and to dispel general misconceptions.


Moderator: Ken Stauffer

Dalma Novak

Ozzie Moore

Sharon DeVivo





Some questions / points to explore:

  • Why is diversity important in education?
  • Why is diversity important in an association like IEEE?
  • Why is diversity important in business?
  • What steps are being taken to ensure diversity in these places?
  • How close to your diversity goals are you?

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