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Fireside Chat with Dr. Anna Zakrzewska on Technology Commercialization

Published by: IEEE Young Professionals

Technology Commercialization Podcast Episode 1 with Dr. Anna Zakrzewskat

In this fireside chat, Dr. Anna Zakrzewska, technology commercialization expert and recent recipient of the IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding YP award, shares her insights and experiences in the world of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Anna Zakrzewska

Anna’s patented cell ID allocation technique and Wi-Fi channel selection method have been widely adopted by major telecom operators worldwide, improving connectivity and quality of experience for millions of users.

As a Senior Principal Engineer at Dell Technologies in Dublin, Anna leads the company’s standardization efforts in O-RAN Alliance Workgroup 6 (Cloudification and Orchestration) and Workgroup 10 (OAM) and contributes to network management solutions and projects with external partners.

In her previous role, Anna worked as a Research Scientist at Nokia Bell Labs (formerly Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs) in Ireland and has research experience from NTT Communication Science Laboratories as a Vulcanus in Japan scholar and Joint Research Centre in Italy.

Her expertise lies in wireless communications, systems engineering, and network management, and she holds several patents in those domains.

The discussion covers various topics related to the ideation, evaluating market potential, assessing technical feasibility, identifying emerging trends, developing prototypes, involving customers in the ideation process, prioritizing technologies, building partnerships, and balancing profitability with societal and environmental impact. Read More.

Please listen to the Technology Commercialization Podcast Episode 1 with Dr. Anna Zakrzewskat here:



This podcast is aimed at young professionals who want to learn about commercializing technology. Over a series of episodes, we aim to cover key topics such as intellectual property, funding for startups, and marketing strategies. We will also provide practical advice on overcoming common challenges in technology commercialization and building a network of industry contacts. This podcast is organized by IMPACT Blog Team at IEEE Young Professionals in collaboration with IEEE Entrepreneurship.

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