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Virtual Content | 2023 Technology Transfer Workshops

Latin America Region Team | IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

Virtual Content | 2023 Technology Transfer Workshops

The 2023 Technology Transfer Workshops, organized by the Latin America Region Team on the IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee, focused on entrepreneurship and technology transfer in IEEE Region 9. The main objective was to help scientists commercialize their projects and foster a deep technological entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The program included a series of four informational webinars, held from 2023 May to August, designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the business world.

To ensure our audience receives valuable content, IEEE Entrepreneurship is providing virtual content!

The Power of Deep Tech Innovation – 16 May – English


Description: Pointing out the worldwide importance of deep tech innovation and why researchers must consider transferring their inventions to the world.

The Role of University IP Transfer Offices – 20 June – English


Description: Discussing the importance and role of tech transfer offices from universities and research labs, to support researchers in their efforts to launch their inventions into the market.

Tech Transfer Success Stories – 18 July – Spanish


Description: Celebrating success stories of leading Latin American researchers who have taken advantage of technology transfer by creating startups.

From Invention to Innovation – 15 August – Spanish


Description: Exploring different avenues that researchers may consider to launch their inventions into the market, creating real innovation, without necessarily leaving their academic world.

Tech Transfer Mini Workshop at LATINCOM 2023


Description: The 1.5-hour workshop coincided with LATINCOM in Panama on 15 November, intended to provide information to the participants on how to prepare a one-pager of the idea, product, service, or company. During the mini-workshop, we talked about knowledge exchange and commercialization process, success stories in the university environment, communication skills to achieve goals, one-pager practice, and resources and opportunities.