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Applications for the 2024 Accelerator are now open, until 14 April 2024!


Cleantech Open is a cleantech accelerator, that provides entrepreneurs and corporate innovators the resources they need to launch and grow successful cleantech businesses. Their innovation ecosystem built over the last 20 years of programming spans key cleantech innovation hubs in the U.S., linking labs and universities, service providers, investors, corporations, governments, and other cleantech incubators and accelerators.

Through their annual accelerator, they provide between 100-150 companies in the U.S. (and North America) with a rich program of customer discovery, extensive mentoring, training, investor meetings, startup-corporate matching, and showcasing at both the regional and national levels. Read More.

Apply Now
Application Deadline: 14 April 2024

How to Apply

1. Step One: Start your startup’s profile & registration.

Create a startup profile using the Apply Now button. Choose the “Startup Registration” option on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Step Two: Start your application.

Click the “Complete Application” Button from your dashboard after your profile has been submitted. Note that if you would like to preview the application questions and begin working on the application BEFORE submitting your payment, a downloadable version of the application is available HERE. See the Dates and Fees section for details.

3. Step Three: Complete your application.

You can continue to work on your application UNTIL you submit it. Once it is submitted it moves directly into the judging queue and cannot be modified. They recommend asking any application questions as early as possible, attending the Q&A sessions, and getting a mentor or advisor to review the application as early as possible to avoid a last-minute submission. The earlier you submit your application the better!

4. Step Four: Submit your completed application before the final deadline.

You will be prompted to pay the application fee after you finish filling out the application itself but before you can successfully submit it for judging.

5. Step Five: Receive judging feedback and acceptance decision.

After the final deadline of 14 April, you can expect to hear back by 03 May about whether or not you were accepted.