2018 | IEEE PES Hardtech Summit & 3rd PES Student Congress

“including an IEEE N3XT® Entrepreneur Session"
7:00 pm
São Paulo, Brazil

2018 | IEEE PES Hardtech Summit & 3rd PES Student Congress

3rd IEEE PES Student Congress Logo

This event is an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event, and will include a session that focuses on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in science and engineering as it relates to the topic of the conference on the whole.

Since 2014, PES Student Congresses (Turkey/2014, Malaysia/2016 and Brazil/2018) have been attracting the best talents and future global leaders based student’s activities. The PES Student Congress is an opportunity for student leaders from various PES student branch chapters to get together to discuss best practices, share experiences, listen to and participate in technical talks, and to interact with senior PES leaders and volunteers.

The IEEE N3XT® event (IEEE PES Hardtech Summit) will focus on IEEE PES student from all IEEE Regions. We will hold IEEE PES Hardtech Summit as part of the 3rd PES student congress In the previews editions, we had total participants 40 student (22 countries) and 68 (24 countries) in 2014 and 2016 respectively. More information on the PES Day eNews Update of January and February edition (2017):


In the 3rd PES student congress, the PES will provide student travel support to 102 students (one student from different PES Student Chapter and universitiy) from 30 countries across the world: 1) Argentina; 2) Australia; 3) Bangladesh; 4) Bosnia & Herzegovina; 5) Brazil; 6) Canada; 7) Colombia; 8) Costa Rica; 9) Croatia; 10) Ecuador; 11) Egypt; 12) El Salvador; 13) Honduras; 14) Hungary; 15) India; 16) Jordan; 17) Malaysia; 18) Mexico; 19) Pakistan; 20) Panama; 21) Paraguay; 22) Peru; 23) Spain; 24) Sri Lanka; 25) Sweden; 26) Tunisia; 27) Turkey; 28) Uganda; 29) United Kingdom and 30) USA.

More information on the 3rd PES Student Congress Facebook page.

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