2022 | IEEE Quantum Week


2022 | IEEE Quantum Week

2022 September 18 – 23
Location: Hybrid – Broomfield, Colorado, USA

Quantum Computing Entrepreneurship

The third IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE22) — IEEE Quantum Week 2022 —  brings together quantum professionals, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, champions, and enthusiasts to exchange and share their experiences, challenges, research results, innovations, applications, pathways and enthusiasm on all aspects of quantum computing, engineering and technologies.

IEEE QCE22 invites contributions from the international quantum community to form an exceptional program with exciting exhibits featuring technologies from quantum companies, start-ups, and research labs.

Through contributions and participation from the international quantum community, IEEE QCE22 will feature world-class keynote speakers, workforce-building tutorials, community-building workshops, technical papers, innovative posters, stimulating panels, and Birds of a Feather sessions. Read More.

Entrepreneurial Program

Quantum Computing Entrepreneurship Session
Date: TBD
Session Length: 90 Minutes

Quantum Computing (QC) is experiencing a turning point. It has been a theoretical promise since the beginning of the 1990s. A lot of research effort has been invested, especially in two areas. First, in the mathematics, logic, and algorithms areas. Second, quantum physicists and materials experts have been working on how to implement such a machine. Now, there are a few quantum computers available online through different providers. The industry is very optimistic about increasing the computing power at a sustained rate during the following years. So, the promise of real software applications solving daily problems is close to coming. That is why the field now is attractive for software companies and startups. There are a lot of public activities, either academic, commercial, or governmental, concerning QC, and the field is gaining much interest and investments.

Target Audience:

  • Scientists, engineers, and researchers interested in learning how to develop their own start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs interested in networking and sharing experiences
  • Investors interested in finding opportunities in the field of quantum computing
  • Companies interested in broadening their field of interest to quantum computing

The workshops will engage Quantum Computing entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and the available resources for supporting QC entrepreneurship.

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