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IEEE ICTE | A force to change our future

2020 September 21 – 23 (rescheduled from 2020 April 19 – 22) | Bologna, Italy

IEEE ICTE | A force to change our future

By Vincenzo Piuri & Tijana Kovijanic

IEEE TEMS, the Technology and Engineering Management Society contributes to fulfilling the growing needs of entrepreneurial skills for scientists by organizing the International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship (ICTE), a unique conference that brings together innovation and entrepreneurship.

This symposium will take place in Bologna, Italy, from 2020 September 21 – 23 (rescheduled from 2020 April 19 – 22), with the technical cooperation of the IEEE Italy Section.

The conference will be a unique venue for: scientists and technology innovators to present research achievements that would be applied to business development or entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to share technology directions, business experiences, and case studies, and for technology, enthusiasts to learn about emerging innovations and entrepreneurship opportunities.

ICTE aims to foster knowledge transfer between academic and practicing communities as well as to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. The program will include technical presentations on business model innovation, digital transformation, new technology directions and applications in AI, IoT, FinTech, managing globalization challenges, and venture capital.

Stimulating experiences and speakers from Silicon Valley will enrich the conference experience with a special workshop entitled, “From Science to New Venture Creation”, in collaboration with the Silicon Valley Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship (TVLP).

A special plenary session on supporting entrepreneurs will offer an overview of various opportunities that are essential to be successful. Session topics include encompassing venture capitals, institutional supports from supernational and local entities, incubators, scientific and professional associations (e.g., IEEE), and entrepreneurship institutions (e.g., TVLP).

A second plenary session will address the needs of awareness and entrepreneurial education for all educational levels, from pre-university education to university programs and continuing education, including aspects addressing all diversities to make sure that everybody can express his or her potential.

Meetup opportunities will also be organized to promote interaction among entrepreneurs, possible exploitation of synergies, and cooperation in specialized areas encompassing automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, environment, health care, smart living, digital life, and smart cities.

The above special plenary sessions and the meetups will be organized with the cooperation of the IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee and the Entrepreneurship Committee of the IEEE Italy Section.

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