Deadline Extension | IEEE/UN-MGCY Video Pitch Competition

2020 | G-STIC

Deadline Extension | Apply for the IEEE/UN-MGCY Video Pitch Competition at G-STIC 2020 Now!

Click here to apply to the G-STIC Video Pitch Competition Now! Deadline Extension: 2020 July 31

IEEE Entrepreneurship, in partnership with UN Major Group for Children and Youth, is organizing the 4th annual video pitch competition at this year’s G-STIC 2020 event.

This competition is open to organizations and companies with original and innovative solutions that hold great potential for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in light of the ‘decade of action’ to accelerate progress between 2020-2030. Students, researchers, companies, and individuals will compete in three different categories: ideation, founded start-ups, and mature companies.

Each category supports IEEE’s mission of “Technology for the Benefit of Humanity” and the UN MGCY’s focus on people-and-planet centered innovation, giving participants a chance to contribute to global efforts towards the SDGs.

This session is currently scheduled for 28 October from 17:00 to 18:00, but may be subject to change.

The current view from Dietrich Van der Weken, General Manager of G-STIC, is that it will be a face-to-face meeting in Brussels, barring any second wave of COVID-19. The venue can safely seat 1,000 people with the correct social distancing measures in place.  Contingency plans for a hybrid approach are being worked on and we will post updates regarding the conference status as we approach October.

If selected, the winners in each category will be invited to attend G-STIC 2020 in Brussels from 26 – 29 October 2020 to present.

The judging panel will consist of the IEEE 2019 G-STIC video pitch competition winners

Mohamed El Dallal | Innovideas LLC.

Venkat Rajaraman | Cygni

Rex Tan | Aevice Health

Carolina Rojas | UN-MGCY

Janati Nakimera | Solar Net metering





The videos will be judged based on our 5 IEEE Entrepreneurship criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Market
  • Product
  • Diverse Team
  • Traction.

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Be inspired by the stories of our 2019 video pitch recipients of the IEEE/UN-MGCY Video Pitch Competition include:

Greenovation: Among the video pitches on products originating from workshops and competitions that support any of the selected Sustainable Development Goals, Greenovation (Bhutan) was selected as the winner.

Aevice Health: Among the video pitches by companies launching a market-ready product that supports any of the selected Sustainable Development Goals, Aevice Health (Singapore) was selected as the winner.

Cygni Energy: Among the video pitches by growth companies generating substantial sales of products that support any of the selected Sustainable Development Goals, Cygni Energy (India) was selected as the winner.