Announcing NeonVest and Powered by IEEE Program Partnership

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Announcing NeonVest and Powered by IEEE Program Partnership

By NeonVest Team

IEEE Entrepreneurship is excited to announce NeonVest as the latest third-party benefits provider to partner with the Powered by IEEE Program!

NeonVest is a New York-based enterprise tech startup building an expert network for entrepreneurs. The product is an invisible SaaS tool that makes automated, relevant professional introductions for founders to experts in VC and experienced operators, for mentorship and growing their professional network. The company facilitates one-on-one, 30-60 minute video interactions between founders and experts curated for them, using its proprietary matchmaking algorithm – which incorporates user-generated data inputs and proprietary data points on users and experts – to hypercurate matches for entrepreneurs, ensuring strong fit and value-added interactions.

With a global community of founders and experts across sectors, the company has grown its user base and brand presence tremendously since its inception. NeonVest boasts a distinguished expert network, consisting of senior individuals from (or formerly from) leading institutions like Azure Capital, Silicon Valley Data Capital, Canaan Partners, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Fifty Years VC. Founders typically use the platform to build relationships with domain experts that can help them scale across multiple aspects of their business, such as optimizing their go-to-market strategy, perfecting their pitch & narrative, and understanding the metrics necessary to raise funding. NeonVest’s users have gone on to be accepted into accelerators like Y-Combinator, raise funding (sometimes from the very same experts on the network) and generally catalyze their businesses. Users subscribe to a monthly rolling subscription plan based on their desired growth trajectory, helping them to achieve their goals.

NeonVest Co-Founder & CEO Aakash Shah said, “We’re thrilled to partner with IEEE and the startups that will come out of its entrepreneurship program. The NeonVest platform is built to catalyze early-stage startups’ growth by giving them access to the best VCs and operators in their sector. We’re excited to expand our impact to the founders launching startups at IEEE.” 

NeonVest is pleased to welcome and support IEEE member startup companies and entrepreneurs in their early-stage entrepreneurial journeys.

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Through the Powered by IEEE Program, NeonVest will now provide benefits for IEEE-backed startups, including:
  • Discounts on three subscription plans: Base Plan (one call per month), Blitz Plan (three calls per month), and Boom Plan (five calls per month) to users, as listed below.                                                      
    • 10% discount for Pre-Seed startups (Individuals/Startups that have raised less than US$500,000 in funding)
    • 20% discount for Seed startups (Individuals/Startups that have raised between US$500,000 to US$2M in funding)
    • 20% discount for Series A startups and above (Individuals/Startups that have raised US$2M+ in funding)
Join the Powered by IEEE Program – start saving time and money today!

Additional benefits include, but are not limited to: 50% Discount IEEE Xplore®, 50% Discount IEEE DataPort™ Institutional Subscription, Freshworks Credits, Newchip, Oracle, Slidebean, and more! 

To be eligible for the Powered by IEEE Program, an applicant must be an IEEE member who is a CEO, founder, or senior manager of a startup. Also, the startup must employ a maximum of 50 people.

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