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STARS @ Hello Tomorrow Global Summit | 2024 Paris, France

Photo: IEEE Judges at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024

By: Lauren Beighley

IEEE Entrepreneurship attended the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit to seek out the next startups to be inducted into the 2024 Stars Cohort.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is an annual event bringing thousands of attendees to the forefront of new ideas, uncovering promising new projects across all industries: from synthetic biology to quantum physics to carbon capture.

IEEE Entrepreneurship Star Judges identify competition candidate ventures with engineering-driven innovation at their core that align with the IEEE core purpose to foster technology, innovation, and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

IEEE Entrepreneurship would like to offer the utmost gratitude for the volunteer time and effort of our 2024 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit team of judges: Larissa Abi Nakhle, Samar Hamdy, and Joanne Wong.

IEEE Entrepreneurship recognizes the following companies as IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars:

Büyütech is working on camera-based technologies that make vehicles perceive the world as humans do. The company develops and manufactures high-quality optimized camera-based ADAS solutions for global partners.

Büyütech at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024


IMSystems is producing the Archimedes Drive, a compound planetary drive that transmits torque via friction rather than gear teeth.

IMSystems at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024


Protyon provides an analysis service that examines the effect of mutations in specific proteins targeted for treatment in lung cancer. Protyon uses molecular structures to choose the best therapy. Currently focusing on mutations in EGFR and other lung cancer drivers.

Protyon at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024


Founded in 2022, tozero GmbH, a lithium-ion battery recycling company with headquarters in Munich, Germany, wants to close the loop of lithium-ion batteries and bring toxic waste to zero by returning raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, etc., into the market.

tozero GmbH at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024


VIRA Drones creates industrial heavy drones for logistics and rescue, an alternative for helicopters free of its limitations: dependence on the weather, the need for a pilot on board, and high cost of use.

VIRA Drones at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024


Kepler develops ‘information texture’ technology, seamlessly blending digital information with textures of paper or wood.

Kepler at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024


Evitado Technologies‘ solution will enable automation in the industry, with a comprehensive intelligence platform that helps airports understand and manage ground operations in real-time.


FononTech is reshaping how next-generation electronics are being made. The company enables the assembly of highly complex 3D microelectronics in a scalable and sustainable way, via their proprietary Impulse Printing™ technology.


HAPSTER is a solution developed by operational staff for operational staff. A true VSM of skills, it enables you to identify critical know-how at each stage of the process and in the target business. It highlights the important stages, key points, and reasons for each skill.


Enhancing the 20 years of its founder’s experience in Information and communications technology (ICT), Latitudo 40 has created an easy and fast platform to turn satellite imagery into geospatial information to support everyday decisions.


Integrating elegant design with artificial intelligence, Konpanion pioneers a unique direction for domestic robotics and creates an entirely new species of alternative pets.


IEEE looks forward to attending the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit next year in 2025. Congratulations to our IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars!