STARS @ LEAP | 2024 Riyadh, Malham, Saudi Arabia


STARS @ LEAP | 2024 Riyadh, Malham, Saudi Arabia

Photo: IEEE Judge, Mohamed El Dallal at LEAP 2024

By: Lauren Beighley

IEEE Entrepreneurship attended LEAP to seek out the first startups to be inducted into the 2024 Stars Cohort.

LEAP is a unique event for future technologies and disruptive technology professionals from all around the world, bringing together the world’s great minds, from tech corporation leaders to inspiring pioneers from global start-ups and venture capitalists, with the means to make it all happen.

An IEEE Entrepreneurship Star judge was on-site at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia to identify competition candidate ventures with engineering-driven innovation at their core that align with the IEEE core purpose to foster technology, innovation, and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

In startup pitching, what did you look for?

I judged the start-ups based on six criteria:

  • Innovation: What has the company figured out that others haven’t?
  • Market: Can the startup demonstrate that the market is interested in this product?
  • Product: Can the product solve the problem/address the opportunity identified by the startup?
  • Traction: Can you demonstrate future demand?
  • Team: Does the team have the right makeup to successfully bring the product to market?
  • Mission: Is the company’s mission to advance technology for humanity?

IEEE Entrepreneurship would like to offer the utmost gratitude for the volunteer time and effort of our 2024 LEAP judge, Mohamed El Dallal.

IEEE Entrepreneurship recognizes the following companies as IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars:

SARsat Arabia designs and develops Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payloads to provide Earth Observation data and analytics using ML models to serve the Agriculture, Environment, Financial, Energy, and Mining sectors. The company provides reliable insights from space for better decisions on Earth.

SARsat Arabia at LEAP 2024


Uvera brings households a smart IoT device that can increase the shelf-life of fresh food by up to 97% on average, within only 30 seconds of using the device and without any use of chemicals, along with an AI-powered app that can predict the spoilage occurrence and send spoilage-proximity notifications to users.

Uvera at LEAP 2024