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Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing - Episode One

Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing Series

Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing – Andrew Gillies

Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing – Episode One features real-world knowledge and advice from those with experience on the topic: Andrew Gillies, Co-founder & CTO, Urban Machine, and Andra Keay, 2022 Team Lead, Deep Tech Team, 2022 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee.

The Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing Series aims to answer how to best support emerging deep tech startups from the perspective of deep tech founders.

A lot of content exists about helping startups form and go from idea to prototype.

But what about the critical next stage, going from prototype to production?

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:55 Company Description: Andrew Gillies – (Urban Machines)
  • 2:26 Company Description: What are the differences between the construction industry and the toy industry?
  • 3:56 Company Description: Can you describe Dash robotics?
  • 5:43 Product Design: Can you describe the research for the basis of Dash robots?
  • 28:20 Product Design: What were the challenges you faced with power consumption?
  • 31:00 Product Design: What challenges did you face with regulatory testing and standards?
  • 10:02 Scaling to Production: What were your biggest challenges going from a lab prototype to production?
  • 20:01 Scaling to Production: Were there any issues you found that required a redesign to manufacture innovative products at scale?
  • 15:25 Scaling to Production: How did you complete the transition to large-scale manufacturing?
  • 24:35 Scaling to Production: How did you cut electronics costs?
  • 21:42 Advise and Support: How do you engage with experts to help you through the process?
  • 35:32 Advise and Support: What are some useful platforms and tools you found?
  • 38:56 Final Words