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Vasily Grigorovsky

Dorin Panescu

Dorin Panescu is Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, R&D, with Axon Therapies, Inc., Santa Clara, California, USA. Dr. Panescu’s research interests focus on devices for...
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Rajnish Gupta

Rajnish Gupta, obtained a B.E (Hons) degree in electrical engineering from India and, M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering – Power System Reliability) and Ph.D. (Power System Reliability)...
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Roderick Chia

Roderick Chia is the Founder of rodVENTURE, an entity involving innovation, entrepreneurship, education and investment. Prior to being the Managing Director and General Partner for...
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Gary Fogel

Gary Fogel is Chief Executive Officer of Natural Selection, Inc. in San Diego, applying machine learning and computational intelligence approaches broadly to problems in industry,...
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