IEEE Foundation

2018 Steering Committee

2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

Allan Tear

Co-Founder and Managing Partner | Betaspring, 2017 IEEE Entrepreneurship Adhoc Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge, & 2018-2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Bruno Meyer Headshot

Bruno Meyer

Manager Business Development | RTE (The French Electric Transmission Operator) & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Ganesh Subramani Headshot

Ganesh Subramanian

Mentor and Chief of Operations | Team Dronix & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Hiba Latifee Headshot

Hiba Latifee

Research Assistant | Korea University of Technology and Education's BioRobotics Lab & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership & IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge

John Cyrus

Senior IT Executive and Corporate Portfolio Manager | USPTO & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Ken Stauffer

2022-2024 Immediate Past Chair (Voting Member)
Serial Entrepreneur
Muhammad Bilal Javed headshot

Muhammad Bilal Javed

Founder | SchoolX, Liaison & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Nicole Toomey Davis Headshot

Nicole Toomey Davis

President, CEO, Co-Founder | Enclavix, LLC & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Nivas Ravichandran Headshot

Nivas Ravichandran

Product Marketer for the CRM Software Freshsales | Freshworks & 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Randi Sumner

Senior Director, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | IEEE Staff

Samantha Snabes

Co-Founder and Catalyst | re:3D & 2020-2021 Immediate Past Chair & 2018-2019 Chair & IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge

Subodha Charles

Researcher, Serial Entrepreneur | 2021 Member at Large & 2019-2020 Vice-Chair - Awards/Education
Susan K. (Kathy) Land Headshot

Susan K. (Kathy) Land

Program Manager | Missile Defense Agency, 2020 IEEE President-Elect, 2020-2022 IEEE Entrepreneurship Board of Directors Liaison & 2018-2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership
Veronica Osinski Headshot

Veronica Osinski

Founding Managing Partner | Trifecta Capital & 2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Leadership

Whurley aka William Hurley

whurley | Engineering Entrepreneurship & 2020 Strategic Partnerships Liaison