2024 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

IEEE Steering Committee

Announcing The 2024 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee!

IEEE Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce our 2024 Steering Committee Officers. New officers were selected based on a variety of criteria, including each individual’s experience in the world of entrepreneurship, volunteer experience relating to the qualifications required for each role, an understanding of IEEE’s vision and mission, and ensuring that all ten IEEE Regions were represented by at least one officer each. 

The IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee welcomes the following 2024 volunteers:

Voting Officers:

Non-voting Officers:

Staff Roles:

  • Randi Sumner, Senior Director, Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Tom Monaco, IEEE Entrepreneurship Community Project Manager 
  • Lauren Beighley, Society/Tech Communities Program Coordinator 

We look forward to working closely with the individuals who have been selected. As we move forward, we encourage all individuals to engage with this year’s committee. Please contact us to inquire about additional volunteering opportunities with the IEEE Entrepreneurship.